Things you must know about Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Many adventure category games are available online, but Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery is a unique game. In the game, you can create own avatar and unlock the game avatar. If you want to fell the magical world then must download the game. Lots of magical missions and events are available in the game. In the game, you can help your friends and how your kindness. Lots of essential things are available which you need to know. Here we tell you those essential things to play the game and survive better in the game.

What is Points-?

The points are used to improve your skills. In the game many types of skills are available, but house skill is the one of the best skill. Via earning the skill you able to unlock thee lots of items. So today I will tell you some numerous ways to get free house points.

  1. Complete story Quests-

In the game story quests and Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Hack are the best way to get free points. When you complete the story, then you will receive the rewards with story quests. If you want to earn house points, then complete the story quests. In the story quest, lots of small missions are available.

  1. Choices dialogue-

When you give the correct answer to all the questions, then you will receive the free points. In the game lots of questions asked by many characters. So always give the correct answer and earn the points. It is also the proper path to get free points and rewards.

  1. In school-

The school is also the best way to get free coins. When you make the new friends in the school, then you will get points. Another way is to help your friends it means if your friend in trouble then help it. Via this, you earn some rewards.


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